Southwest Forest Alliance established

The first meeting of potential members for the Southwest Forest Alliance (SWFA) is completed. From the beginning, the need for such a platform became even clearer by receiving a great approval from all the participants. They were eager to contribute to the SWFA and to the conservation of forests in Southwest (SW) Ethiopia, which was shown not only through intensive discussions even during the breaks. Throughout two days the basis and framework of the platform was set; the participantsā€™ knowledge was increased through talks and smaller group sessions; and a road map was established for assessing the current status of SW Ethiopiaā€™s forests, fields of taking action and future measures.

The next meeting of the SWFA was set for May 2021. Until then, we will establish a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) which will be signed by the alliance members.

Photo credit: NABU/Ashebir Wondimu

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