‘Forests for Future’ on World Wildlife Day

Today we celebrate the World Wildlife Day. This year, it focuses on the topic “Forests and Livelihoods: Sustaining People and Planet” in order to draw attention on the importance and potential of forests, forest species and ecosystem services.

Fitting to the World Wildlife Day 2021: with the ‘Forests for Future’ project we aim for the development of participatory forest landscape restoration processes, to jointly preserve and recover forests, conserve forest species’ habitats, mitigate climate change and improve the local communities’ livelihoods.
How we do this? One approach are so called “Training of the Trainers” (ToT) workshops, which we are conducting right now in our project regions, the Kafa Biosphere Reserve, the Sheka Forest Biosphere Reserve and the Bench-Sheko Zone. With these, the trainees will not only increase their own knowledge and capacities, but are also enabled to train and teach others in later forest assessment and conservation activities.

So let’s sustain and restore our world’s forests! Happy World Wildlife Day!

Photo credit: Maheder Haileselassie (title image), NABU/Ashebir Wondimu (gallery)